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What is it? is a terminal session sharing service. You can use it to share your terminal session in real time, or to make a recording of your terminal session. Both live and recorded sessions can be watched here on in a modern web browser. Live sessions can also be watched via ssh, telnet or nc (netcat).

You can also mark your live or recorded session as hidden. A hidden live sessions will not show up in Live Streams, and a hidden recording will not show up in Records. To access a hidden session, you have to know the exact URL / session key.

What's the use?

People use it for Pair Programming, or to share the progress in Roguelike games (or actually any games playable in Unix console), like NetHack, or Dungeon Crawl, or Star Trek, tint, etc. You can use recorded sessions as tutorials (for example, here's a tutorial for

How do I get started?

Do I need to register?

Not really. There are some benefits in registering, though -- see WhyRegister.

Where do I go from here?

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