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Frequently Asked Questions

(Keep in mind though that the the service has just been launched. Nobody really had time to ask any questions at all, let alone to do so frequently. So that's a, eh, projection.)

Hey, your service is freaking terrible. It caused me immeasurable pain and suffering, and it's all your fault!

Do tell. Come to ##termcast at, let us know what's wrong and what can be improved. Or send an email to operations -at- Can't promise it will be of any help at all, but it probably won't hurt either.

Hey, your service is ... okay, I guess? Sometimes even useful, perhaps. How can I help?

Let us know what can be improved. Spread the word: tell your friends and colleagues, write about it in your blog, tweet about it, share it on facebook, etc. Send us gifts, postcards and money! To what address? TBD!

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